Indemic - Product Development, Taranaki, New Zealand

QP Sport Chest Guard

QP Sport are a small, innovative company operating out of New Plymouth, exporting high-performing sports protective equipment to loyal customers all over the world. We have had the pleasure of working with QP Sport on several projects over the years, the two shown here and mens and womens protective chest guards used in contact sports such as fencing and football. We assisted QP in translating the designs from more rudimentary, labour-intensive processes (vacuum-forming and trimming) to injection-molded items. In the case of the mens guard, we were able to produce 5 different sizes using only 2 tools. The womens guards are a real showcase of our organic-modelling ability in Solidworks, starting with 3D-scanning data and reverse-engineering the existing forms. We took these projects all the way through tool-design and toolmaking to production, using entirely local engineering and manufacturing capability.