Indemic - Product Development, Taranaki, New Zealand

Module - Decibel

Module are a company trying to change the world, and we are proud to have supported their journey thus-far. Module believe that the current model of consumption, particularly with regards to consumer technology products is unsustainable, and they are on a mission to drastically lengthen the lifespan of consumer technology products by allowing the owners of such products to have access to spare parts, and empower them with the agency to undertake their own repairs and upgrades as and when parts wear, batteries degrade and components reach the end of their servicable life. Decibel is the first such product in their range, a mobile wireless speaker. Decibel is not simply a product which aims to address environmental concerns in the consumption of such products, but rather competes directly with best-in-class products in the mobile wireless speaker category, that also happens to have the best environmental credentials of them all. We have worked with Module extensively in concept development, engineering, prototyping, testing, project management and significant input into the overall vision for Module and Decibel. we have coordinated the various suppliers, electronics and sound engineers, as well as scrutinising the potential supply chain partners along the way. Decibel is a product still in development, which has raised significant capital through crowd-funding and private investment.