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Millar T-Base

Indemic have worked with the team at Millar extensively over the last few years on a number of projects. The T-base was a fantastic collaboration that had a number of technical challenges in both manufacturing and assembly (DFM) and design rationalisation. We were tasked with providing an entirely new concept for the T-base - a wireless charging platform used to provide power to a telemeter being used on the top surface of the device for a number of medical/pharmaceutical testing applications. We worked with the team at Millar to come up with a more efficient wireless charging array, and means by which to produce a cost-effective low-medium volume manufactured solution in which it was housed - in this case we employed vacuum-forming and laser-cutting to provide a clever means of assembling and retaining the inductive wires used for charging. Other considerations were the improvement of the overall presentation of the product, thermal management of the components within and the need to package the products efficiently for export in a fixed DHL package - withstanding the rigors of international shipping whilst remaining protected. We undertook various elements of the project for Millar, including prototyping and validation at various points along the journey, right through to tool design and initial production QA of off-tool samples.