Indemic - Product Development, Taranaki, New Zealand
WashSmart Washer 2.jpg

Fisher & Paykel. Washing Machine Interface Design

These images illustrate several Fisher & Paykel laundry projects, from full interface redesigns to simple icon designs to illustrate wash cycles etc.

The most extensive of these projects was the complete redesign of the AquaSmart washing machine user interface.   Although constrained to existing components, employing front-end design research methods such as using post-it notes to visually map the flow of information (from the moment the user presses the power button until the cycle end) helped to eliminate the things which were stalling the flow of information, whilst simultaneously revealing the factors which made the user interface intuitive and logical to navigate.  Once several concepts had been reviewed bitmaps of each screen were then created in order to prototype and user test the most robust of these concepts.  

In conjunction with the design of the screen, the fascia behind which the screen sits was also given a refresh.  This panel is manufactured using In Mould Decoration with subtle chrome details around buttons and on the company logo.  This visually lends an element of depth to the part/product which imparts a sense of quality appropriate to the level of product.