Indemic - Product Development, Taranaki, New Zealand
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Farm Medix Nucleus

Fieldays innovation award-winning company Farm Medix came to us with the challenge of designing an on-farm water filtration system, based on their vast knowledge of microbiology and water-bourne pathogens which contribute to disease, infection and productivity losses in farming systems. We were tasked with configuring a unit that was compact, easily serviced, and cost effective to manufacture using conventional fabrication processes. We assisted Farm Medix with every facet of the process, including sourcing and importation of components, pre-production prototyping, electrical provisions, production drawings and documentation, and commissioning of initial units on-farm. The units are manufactured using a combination of laser-cut and folded sheet-metal, and hydro-forming.

The end result is a unit that has seen huge, bankable improvements in animal health and productivity, through the simple value proposition of providing safe, clean and highly palatable drinking water to the animals.