Indemic - Product Development, Taranaki, New Zealand


Children are growing up with more access to technology than ever before. Their opportunity to build fundamental life skills learnt through practical real-world experiences is declining. Kit-Netic changes that.

Kit-Netic is a system of products that foster experience-based learning for children and adults. It unlocks practical play, innovation and sharing of knowledge between generations.

The first Kit-Netic product is the Kit-Netic Soapbox Racer that children (and adults) are able to construct and race as a team, building valuable hands-on skills and social experiences. It has a hard, durable base structure with a customisable cardboard body shell. Various shell designs could be purchased separately to bring new personality to the racer. The Kit-Netic Soapbox Racer has the potential to be a niche product internationally. The design is material-conscious and creates minimal waste.