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Nut & Spice Sprinkle

Despite having woken many more times than I would have liked to last night I just can't help but feel buoyed by the sunshine this morning.  The sun and it's radiant heat, in a very short space of time have the ability to cause my shoulders to drop and my breath to slow.  Furthermore I find that within seconds of curling up cat-like in whatever patch of sun I can find a much-welcomed feeling of peace begins to wash over me.  Never mind that I am working, surrounded by piles of freshly laundered nappies.  I digress!  

Make this nutty spicy sprinkle!  Like sunshine it will bring you peace and joy.  Unfortunately it doesn't result in folded nappies.  

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Pear, Blue Cheese & Hazelnut Pizza

With two little men occupying a good percentage of my time I have to grab at the opportunities to share recipes as they present themselves.  I have learnt that I am much better at being spontaneous these days than I am at planning things.  So whilst my big guy is at creche (no doubt elbow-deep in sand and soaking wet) and my little guy sleeps I am putting fingers to the keyboard to bring you this very quick and easy recipe for pizza.  I find that more-and-more I like to cook meals which are heavy on the vegetables and light on the nutrient-hollow things like bread.  However this is a combination which I find extremely hard to resist and let's face it indulging on pizza every-now-and-then is one of life's little pleasures! 

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It's 3pm and as I sit here typing I can hear the drip drop, drip drop of the rain as it falls from our eves onto the garden beds below.  Sparrows sit, feathers glistening, in the top of the tree whose sorry branches seem to wrap themselves, like fingers, over the top of the fence at the back of our garden.  A soft blanket of grey cloud hangs in the sky.  It is peaceful and still and while my babes sleep I'm eager to share with you another of my recipes.

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Pear, Ricotta & Chocolate French Toast Sandwiches

This past week our little family have all been suffering the ills of winter.  Snuffly noses and sleepy dispositions, we have all been a little out of sorts.  As I sit here at my computer a foggy head means even writing this introduction comes in fits and starts - the words don't flow the way they normally would and inspiration is, frustratingly enough, out of reach.

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Pumpkin, Bacon & Sage Bread & Butter Pudding

I must apologise for my hiatus.  This blog took off with a hiss and a roar but I have to admit that there was a moment there when I thought that it might fizzle out just as quickly.  You see I have been experiencing technical difficulties of the highest order.  It was bad.  Tears and hair-pulling bad.  But I'm over it now and must publicly thank Nick for his unbounded reserves of patience.

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