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Pumpkin, Bacon & Sage Bread & Butter Pudding

I must apologise for my hiatus.  This blog took off with a hiss and a roar but I have to admit that there was a moment there when I thought that it might fizzle out just as quickly.  You see I have been experiencing technical difficulties of the highest order.  It was bad.  Tears and hair-pulling bad.  But I'm over it now and must publicly thank Nick for his unbounded reserves of patience.

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Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding

I must confess that I hesitated to post this recipe as it was one I wrote way back at the end of last year when strawberries were in abundance and I was powerless to their pull.  Now the offerings on the shelves of our fruit and vege shop are pale and undoubtedly lacking in flavour having flown half way across the world just to appease the appetites of those who cannot live without summer fruit in winter. does happen to be summer in the Northern Hemisphere, AND for those of you located South of the equator then frozen strawberries will work just as well.  Thinly sliced pear would also be a delicious substitute and should you be a white chocolate fan then give that a go too.  Really it is one of those recipes that you can adapt to suit your taste or the contents of your pantry.  And as it is grey and wet outside, yet again, then this is the perfect comfort food, served snuggled up by the fire.   

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