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Module Alphacrowd

Over the last 3 weeks we have seen one of our startup clients take on the challenge of Equity Crowdfunding via local platform Alphacrowd. Equity Crowdfunding offers investors the chance to be involved with high-growth potential companies that are not of a scale suitable for listing on a more traditional platform such as the stock market, or are of a sufficiently high risk such that conventional investment is not suitable, or would dilute the company too early. 

The Decibel wireless speaker by Module aims to address the entrenched problem of planned obsolescence in consumer technology products by empowering consumers with the ability to repair, upgrade, and ultimately truly own the device they purchase - rather than having the product for but a brief period of time before some component renders it unusable.

We are truly stoked to be involved with a company that has the foresight to address this fundamental issue in the way consumer products impact the world in which we inhabit. We wholeheartedly encourage anyone who feels that the way many products are consumed and discarded on this planet needs to change, to jump on board the crowdfunding campaign and help us change the way humans engage in consumerism.  The barrier to entry is so low, yet the potential gain for investors, the environment, and the ecosystem of product consumption so high. Head over to Alphacrowd to invest.

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