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Indemic a finalist in the BEST awards!

We've been at this gig for a good while now, not just as Indemic, but as in-house designers in other teams around New Zealand, and previous consulting roles. It was nigh-on 5 years ago when Indemic first started that Nick was handed out his first best award for the Trublue Auto Belay

The nature of our work here can be quite variable, from being a part of an overall development project, to taking the reigns and leading the charge. Sometimes we might be just commissioned to help validate an idea, or step through a few iterations of a prototype, other times we are shooting for a full-blown disruptor. Not often however, are we tasked with the job of taking a product from an initial concept through a full funding,marketing, branding, manufacturing, logistics and strategic process and delivering to an end customer. And it is with this we thought it high time we set the tone and established the full spectrum of capabilities that lie here within - and of course got some real skin in the game!

Our internal Malt Mechanics brand was just that. We took an early concept, created MVP, got a bunch of paid-up users on-board, tested, iterated and redesigned our way to a finished product. We developed a brand and a social media following along the way, and then took the plunge into crowdfunding via kickstarter to see whether the thing had real legs - and it did. We ran it lean all the way through, validated our ideas with our end users and used the power of design strategy to drive our overall offering, message and produce a compelling brand that our end-users love. It was an incredible mountain to climb, as all the while we still had to keep the kids fed and watered. BUT, how good does it feel to have recognition from our peers that the effort wasn't all in vain? Bloody good we say!

Cheers @bestawards and the NZ design community, we are in fine company indeed!

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