Indemic - Product Development, Taranaki, New Zealand


What a ride!


So if you haven't stopped by for a while - and clearly we haven't either given our last post was at the beginning of February - you may have noticed we took the bold step of putting our money where our mouths are and launching a product via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. As the title suggests, it was a journey of extreme up's and down's - fear, elation, sleeplessness and pure marvel in the spirit of community are but a small fraction of the experiences we here at team Indemic underwent. 


Meeting our funding target of $50K was no easy feat, and getting there only the day before the campaign finished was a real nail-biter. We now consider ourselves experts at all things crowdfunding....... well lets just say with every experience comes learnings, some things worked, lots didn't and actually us poor old kiwis are at a mild disadvantage using these big international platforms (hint; Americans want to trade in freedom dollars, not some poor second-rate currency from the asshole of the world)

But, how cool is that. We did it, and we are damn proud that we did. It speaks volumes of our ability as a team to problem solve, engage with people, and understand the nuances of what it takes to uncover insights which lead to real product solutions for a discerning group of end-users. Onwards we march, this is but the beginning of a journey for us - delivery ahead for this project, and a nice little arsenal of amazing ideas behind it for the next kickstarter this space

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