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Malt Mechanics Kickstarter!

One of the great pass-times here at Indemic is home-brewing, a passion that stemmed from student days growing up in Wellington with fine establishments such as the original Malthouse on Willis St, and Bar Bodega, serving fine ales like Emerson's Bookbinder and the rare and elusive Pink Elephant Mammouth. That passion for beer lead to an obsession for brewing, culminating in us identifying the need for quality, well-priced home-brewing equipment here in New Zealand. Our long-term strategy as a company is to own our own products, and share in or own IP alongside our clients, so this is one such move to do so. It also shows our loyal clients that we are not just out to have an opinion on how things are done, but we are prepared to back ourselves and throw some skin in the game! 

To that end, we developed the Malt Mechanics brand and have just this week launched a Kickstarter campaign to take our Conical Fermentation Vessels to the world. We have a bunch of other projects lined up behind it so watch this space!! Please go check out the Kickstarter!

Nicholas JonesComment