Indemic - Product Development, Taranaki, New Zealand
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Malt Mechanics Fermenter

The Malt Mechanics Conical Fermenter is an internal project which brings together a passion for making home-brewed craft beer with a love of design and tinkering. Indemic took this project on to fill a gap in the market, both locally and internationally, for a well-priced, highly-spec'd and professional quality conical fermenter that meets the needs of both aspiring and professional-level home-brewers. The fermenter is made from HDPE, with all other components in 304 stainless, and is fast becoming the most popular plastic conical fermenter on the market! We have been humbled by the response to this product and will continue to further develop this brand. All testing, prototyping, product development, brand development, engineering, and local and international procurement has been handled in-house. We welcome distributor inquiries for this product.