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Kiwis taking tech to the world!

First off, a big happy new year to all! We are looking forward to an awesome start to the year and have a bunch of amazing projects kicking off, and have even moved into a new office of our own, all grown-up like! 

Our big news though, is at the end of last year we were very fortunate to be asked to design and produce some sensor-enabled gloves for a University of Auckland tech spinoff company, StretchSense . StretchSense are poised to tackle wearables like no-one else, with an amazing sensor technology they have developed that changes capacitance when stretched, and therefore can give millimeter-precise outputs when measuring anthropometric data (or in fact any other mechanical data in which an elongation or stretching/contracting action is employed).

Our job was to take StretchSense's technology and design and manufacture gloves for use as a virtual musical instrument in the performance of Jai-Ho (from the movie Slumdog Millionaire) on stage during Brian Krzanich's Keynote at the worlds biggest technology event, CES in Las Vegas last week, check out the video! . Thankfully the performance went flawlessly, and Stretchsense got massive kudos from the event, which is just the kind of feel-good story we love to hear from our clients. 

Bring on 2016!

Nicholas JonesComment