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Time warp juggernaut

Being a designer can be a bit shit sometimes. Particularly when you have to deal with stuff that isn't design, like admin. I dont mind a bit of i-dotting and t-crossing but sometimes the tools require that you actually carve the damn letters out of stone.. (i am probably better at stone carving than i-dotting) ..I digress..

The reason for today's post is to celebrate my relentless search for the tool which just does what I want (which of course may not be the same as what you want) , and works seamlessly with my other tools. Like the proverbial Estwing to my nail, I today have found a company which understands usability, simplicity and integration (as in Xero integration). The team at Minutedock have done a fantastic job on their time-tracking product, so good in fact I felt the need to share. But moreover, they stepped away from the other solutions to create a product which just addresses the simple, functional elements a business may need when time-tracking, tackling the problem in a very lateral way. Open the page, punch in the barest minimum of information into the one-stop dock at the top of the page, in almost any format you choose, and in a smart-ass kind of way it simply accepts said inputs and designates them to the appropriate job. I can then get on with my day. Great usability trumps anything else in a SAAS product (and most any other product for that matter), and designing for usability and the end user is ever more important when there are 1000 other products out there trying to do what you do. Good on you Minutedock, I look forward to our time pun intended ;)