Indemic Team

Indemic is a team of 3 Industrial Designers (L to R); Sam Burton, Emma Boyd and Nick Jones. Now in our 5th year in business, the combination of hard work and building lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients and suppliers has seen our little consultancy grow from strength to strength. We have a shared passion for good design, a love for New Zealand and the beautiful place we live, and a burning desire to apply our knowledge and capabilities to the demands of the future world our children will inherit.

Sam Burton. Sam is Indemic's brand guru, fitness junkie and king of the slow cooker. Sam's childhood growing up in the future (Hamilton) has armed him with a striking blend of metrosexual sensibilities and honed practical capability. He will wax lyrical to anyone who cares to listen about how product is brand, and process is paramount. Basically, he reigns in Nicks wilder tendencies.. Sam has a vast amount of experience in both consumer and non-consumer product development in everything from sporting goods to hand-held electronics.

Emma Boyd. Em is nothing short of Indemic's keeper..Whipping up a batch of unbaked chocolate slice with children at her feet, clicking off some amazing snaps and writing a recipe for one of her regular columns whilst simultaneously ensuring that the Indemic wheels keep churning is all in a days work. Emma's understanding of colour, proportion and the finer details are innate. Em's 7 years within the core design team at Fisher&Paykel has armed her with a finely tuned understanding of human-centred design and design thinking processes.

Nick Jones. Nick is firmly at the functional end of Indemic's repertoire. Nick spent his youth in rural Taranaki driving tractors and fixing far too many old cars, from which developed a head for science and love for thinking about the worlds complex problems. Nick ensures that technical feasibility meets the demands of the end user, and sets about getting his hands dirty proving it. A raft of roles in New Zealand has seen Nick hone his skills in industries as varying as Agritech and medical technology.